Friday, April 16, 2010

Team Ride for Sunday

We will be meeting Sunday at 10 AM at Green Mountain Sports for a team ride. We are planning on a loop of the race course for the Battle of the Bear.

As of this morning, White Ranch is dry on Belcher. I rode up to the top where Maverick heads north, and this was in good shape. Maverick had snow and mud within the first 100 yards so I turned around. I also rode up the bottom of Chimney Gulch. It was dry until the first north facing section after the first bridge. I once again turned around as the next portion of the trail is all north facing. I'm guessing theses trails will need another week or two of warmth and no moisture.


  1. Can't make it as I am sponsoring and racing the Blaster Blast Triathlon here in Golden on Sunday morning. I am already signed up for the Front Range 50 at Bear Creek so let's have a strong showing there!

  2. I can't make it either, I don't have a bike right now. My front fork has been sent to Manitou for repair. After being rebuilt by authorized dealers it is still losing air, as much as 20 to 30 pounds a ride. Manitou has stepped up big time. At least I'm getting in some road miles...

    Have fun out there.