Monday, April 12, 2010

Possible Yeti Demo

I talked with Corky last week about a possible Golden Wheelmen Demo Day. He has to discuss with Yeti to see if we can coordinate. We talked about bringing a selection of the Yeti bikes to Corky's house in North Golden. This would allow for easy access to the trails on North Table Mountain. I'm sure we could also talk with one of our other sponsors, Foss Building Wine & Spirits about beverages for the event. Send me an email or post comments below if you are interested. This would be an exclusive event for Golden Wheelmen only.

I received word from Primalwear that we are expecting our order to arrive somewhere around the second week of May. I'll keep everyone posted as I receive more information.

I saw a few posts about the upcoming race at Bear Creek on May 8th. There are options ranging from 10 miles up to 50 miles depending on your class and the race you choose. The course is a little difficult to decipher by looking at the map. If you want details, let me know and we can ride. I raced here last year. By my third lap, I was going slow enough that I could take detailed notes as I moved to the side of the trail for the fast riders.... (I rode the course over the past weekend and it is completely dry.)

I'll try to keep the race results current. I'm trying to post all top 5 finishes. If you race and I don't see your result, feel free to email me with details.

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