Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cross Country Super Loop

We had another good day of racing at Winter Park. A total of 16 team members showed up to race on Saturday. The course was excellent and we had a number of good results. The highlight of the day would go to Mike Paris with a first place finish. We also had two other podium finishes with Susan Weiler taking 3rd and Rick Miller also taking a 3rd.

In the team results, GW#1 dropped back a few places to 4th. We definitely missed having the points of a full team of 8. If we even had one additional racer we would have held in second place. (I won't mention any names Ben.) GW#2 jumped up to ninth in the standings as all 8 members raced! Nice job.

We have a few weeks until the next race/races. The Saturday race course is still up in the air. Sunday is a super D.

If you have any pictures from Saturday, send them my way.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I almost forgot, Golden Wheelmen #1 is in first place after the Hill Climb! Let's race fast tomorrow!!

Winter Park #2

It looks like another fine day for racing tomorrow. I haven't seen a map posted yet, but I'm guessing that will show up later today. It sounds like the course may be a little shorter than last year, but not sure yet.

I posted a few pictures from last week. I'm sure everyone saw the email from John with the link to all of the photos. Let Doug know if you want larger copies.

I also posted photos of the vest. If we can put together an order of 12, we can get those rolling. We probably won't see them until the end of summer, but they will be nice in the fall.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Race of the Season

The Golden Wheelmen had a nice start to the season. Unfortunately, with the 1 week weather delay, we had a number of riders who couldn't race. Nonetheless, we had some good results. Highlights include first place finishes for Jason Cherry and Amy Rosenbaum. Jason's time would have placed him 15th in the Pro division! I have updated the results section with all top 5 finishes.

Team results aren't accurate at this time. Team 1 only had 7 riders counted despite the fact we had 8 riders present. I don't know how our standing will change, as it looks possible that the same error occurred for other teams. The WP race department told me they would look into team scores and have them corrected by Thursday.

I have one picture to post so far of Amy on the podium. I'm expecting a number of photos later this week. I'll post them as they become available.

Next weekend's race is a good one. It looks to be the same course we raced last year.

Most of you saw the wind vest which I was able to sneak onto the order at the last minute. If you like this vest, let me know. I've been wearing mine quite a bit. It is very nice on slightly cool days. We can place an order if we have at least 12 people interested in ordering. Cost was $66.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Time to Climb!

After a false start to the WP series last week, we are set to go tomorrow. It looks like good racing weather.

We'll have the tent set up at the bottom. Look for the Golden Wheelmen banner. Don't forget you are supposed to mark your age and class on your calf. I believe they requested the left calf. eg. If you are 42 and racing the Sport class, you would mark S 42 on your leg. I'll try to have markers available at the tent.

For those who haven't raced this event, it's straightforward. The course takes service roads to the top. It has a section that is a bit steeper at the bottom, there is a flat section about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way thru the race, and the last couple hundred yards are a bit steeper. The rest is relatively constant with a few small rollers. The nice thing about this race is that you don't have to memorize much about the course. There's only one hill...

Good luck to everyone. Ride Fast!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rained/Snowed Out

It was a tough day weather-wise at WP. It was raining and windy at the base, and snowing at the top. Long story short, the hill climb was postponed until next Saturday.

I know everyone was fired up to put down a good effort this morning, so we are planning for a team ride tomorrow morning on Lookout. A good time trial up the mountain should keep the legs primed for the race next weekend. Meet at 9 am at the pillars.

By the way, here are the final team rosters for the season. We have 3 full teams of 8!

Team 1
Name Class Age
Matt Miller Expert 40-44
John McNamee Beginner 45-49
Jason Cherry Expert 40-44
Doug Welscott Clydesdale
Susan Weiler Sport-women 40-49
Ben Simcox Expert 45-49
Kevin Langan Expert 40-44
Chuck Gallagher Sport 45-49

Team 2
Name Class Age
Terry Chontos Beginner 45-49
Scott Bristol Clydesdale
Adam Walsh Beginner 50+
Karen Cannon Sport-women 40-49
Paul Beasley Beginner 45-50
Mike Paris Sport 35-39
Phil Archer Sport 40-44
Rick Miller Beginner 50+

Team 3
Name Class Age
Jesse Crock Sport 25-29
Charles South Expert 35-39
Steve Rocheleau Clydesdale
Phil Walczynski Sport 40-44
Mike Rosenbaum Beginner 45-49
Mike Waltz Sport 40-44
Pete Linsley Sport 45-49
Mitch Moffett Beginner 50+