Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rained/Snowed Out

It was a tough day weather-wise at WP. It was raining and windy at the base, and snowing at the top. Long story short, the hill climb was postponed until next Saturday.

I know everyone was fired up to put down a good effort this morning, so we are planning for a team ride tomorrow morning on Lookout. A good time trial up the mountain should keep the legs primed for the race next weekend. Meet at 9 am at the pillars.

By the way, here are the final team rosters for the season. We have 3 full teams of 8!

Team 1
Name Class Age
Matt Miller Expert 40-44
John McNamee Beginner 45-49
Jason Cherry Expert 40-44
Doug Welscott Clydesdale
Susan Weiler Sport-women 40-49
Ben Simcox Expert 45-49
Kevin Langan Expert 40-44
Chuck Gallagher Sport 45-49

Team 2
Name Class Age
Terry Chontos Beginner 45-49
Scott Bristol Clydesdale
Adam Walsh Beginner 50+
Karen Cannon Sport-women 40-49
Paul Beasley Beginner 45-50
Mike Paris Sport 35-39
Phil Archer Sport 40-44
Rick Miller Beginner 50+

Team 3
Name Class Age
Jesse Crock Sport 25-29
Charles South Expert 35-39
Steve Rocheleau Clydesdale
Phil Walczynski Sport 40-44
Mike Rosenbaum Beginner 45-49
Mike Waltz Sport 40-44
Pete Linsley Sport 45-49
Mitch Moffett Beginner 50+

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