Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Remember our Sponsors

The snows are still flying, but they seem to melt almost as quick as they fall. The trails will be wet for awhile, but its definitely time to get out the road bike if you haven't already.

Don't forget to support our sponsors. You can link to their sites by clicking on the names at the upper right of this page. If you visit Green Mountain Sports, make sure you mention you are part of the Golden Wheelmen and they will give you a nice discount. Let me know if you need the order form for Honey Stinger. They also provide a nice discount on all of their products.

I know the main focus is on the Winter Park Series, but here are some other races of interest.

Here is a new Front Range series with a number of races starting in early April.

There is the Battle of the Bear. This race consists of anywhere from 10-50 miles depending on the race and distance you choose. The course is fast. Race date is May 8th.

The other major series is the Mountain States Cup. This series stretches across the state and even beyond.

We will plan on scheduling some team rides in the next few weeks.