Sunday, May 8, 2011

Battle of the Bear Results

A great day was had by all at the Battle of the Bear XC race yesterday. Hot and dusty conditions greeted riders and the wind picked up in the afternoon, but otherwise it was a great day for racing. All riders agreed that this event needs to become an official Golden Wheelmen event, due to the great fast course and fun atmosphere. It was a blast.

The highlight of the day was Paul getting a podium spot with his 3rd place finish in the one lap race, 10 miler. Gary also got a top 1o, with his 6th place finish.

In the 20 miler, Trevor got the top spot with 8th, Brian was 19th and John M, was 21st.

The fields were somewhat larger than what I'm used to at Winter Park and there was limited opportunities to pass, unless you got a good start it was hard to make progress until later in the race when the field started to thin out.

Offical Wheelman photographer, Doug Davis was at at the finish line taking photos and I'll post up the links once he has had time to process them in a day or two.