Monday, August 16, 2010

Mary Jane Race Results

Another good day or racing was had by all on Saturday, with the Team tent the only one that entered a DNF! Unlike last year the weather this time around was perfect.

Mike recorded the top spot with first place. Susan and Rick were close behind, with a 2nd placing in their respective groups. Matt didn't have any tire problems this weekend placed third, proving that having air in your tires does make a difference! Paul recorded a 4th placing and Karen and Adam placed 5th.

The last race of the series is on August 28th. The Tipperary Creek course packs plenty of fun in its 26 miles, including the WTB section again! The start times are much earlier than normal, especially the sport and beginner categories. Remember that it starts in Fraser.

We are planning a Barbie at the end of the race and most likely taking a collection to replace the Team tent!

See you all there next Saturday


Race photos:

Please contact Doug directly if you want high resolution copies.

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