Monday, August 2, 2010

Crankworx Colorado X-Country Update

Saturday turned out to be a hot and fine day after all the forcaster's permitted heavy rain and thunderstorms... The race seemed long than I remembered.

Overall team standings show that GWM 1 has fallen to 6th place, GWM 2 to 13th and GWM 3 a no show since Race 3.

Susan continues to shine with another first placing, followed by Kevin with his 2nd place. Both are having an amazing season and I'm sure they will be getting those letters at the end of the year and turing Pro! Matt, usually a strong contender had a mechanical and dropped down in the field. Matt, you need to put air in your tires. Ben was the only other top 10 finisher in GWM 1.

Team 2 only had 3 riders but Adam as able to record his first top 5 finish coming in at 5th. Paul continues to ride strong with another top 10 finish.

The next race is the fun Mary Jane Circuit. If haven't rode it before, you take the chair up to Sunspot, do a couple of laps and then down a wicked singletrack, with lots of rocks and bumps. Towards the end you have to climb a steep and twisting singletrack hill to the finish line. Last year wet conditions made the tree roots interesting.

From the Marshall insider (Rae) there is discussion about changing this course for this year so keep an eye on the epicsingletrack website for any updates.

Till next race ...


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