Friday, August 13, 2010

Mary Jane Loop Update

Rae and I rode the Mary Jane circuit today in great weather. It is a really fun and enjoyable ride. No sign of rain this afternoon. We rode up the road, but tomorrow we can take the lift.

The race starts with .75 of road (part of the hill climb) up from SunSpot and then a hard left turn to some single track (Upper Roof of the Rockies) that takes you back to Sunspot. The single track is bouncy with a lot of tree roots at weird angles... From there you have some smooth singletrack (Green World) and then onto a road (Gunbarrel) and a steep climb to the top of Pioneer Lift which is about half a mile. From there there is some undulating double track followed by a mile of single track with a lot of tree routes and some sharp rocks which dumps you back at the start of Upper Roof of the Rockies and then back to the start of the loop by Sunspot.

The descent is pretty smooth with the majority of it on Green World and Lonesome Whistle. The sting at the bottom is the climb up the service road to the Upper Cherokee trail which we have done many times before.

We deviated a little bit on the decent due to some sections of the trail closed and didn't ride the Vasquez road section. Been there, done that.

To look at the profile check out:

The plan for the team tent is to set it up on the North Bench Parking Lot. To get to this lot, go pass the first entrance to Winterpark where the lights are and take a left at the second set of lights. Do a hard left turn, followed by another left turn straight away onto a gavel road to the north bench parking lot.

I'll be there from 8am and give me a call if you can't find it. 3 oh 3 7 two 7 oh 5 oh 3.



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